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    A MAN OF HIS WORD- S . J. S. Pasricha (Secretary)

    The birth of a son is always an occasion of jubilation in a family. But little did Bhai Gobind Singh Pasricha and his wife Mrs Inder Kaur Pasricha realize that on 6th April, 1937, god was bestowing them with a gem, who would be the personification of true spirit of education; an icon in the field to bring name & fame to the family. Born in Montgomery (Now Sahiwal) in Pakistan, S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha had his early schooling from Municipal School Montgomery and after partition, he joined Govt School, Nehru Garden, Jalandhar.


    Presenting a token of Regard & Honour

    Singh is King - S. Manmohan Singh, P.M. of India with Trustees

    1994 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Mr. Surinder Nath, Governer Punjab at the Opening of M.G.N. Public School, Kapurthala

    1998 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Lt. Gen. Chibber, Governor, Pb.

    1993 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha With Late S. Beant Singh , Chief Minister P& S. Iqbal Singh

    2000 - Paying positive attention to all S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with S. Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister, Pb.


    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha  with Dr. Kewal Krishan Pb. Vidhan Sabha Speaker



    2000 - Paying Positive Attention To All S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha With S. Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister, Pb.

    2000 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Shri B.D. Tandon Local Body Minister Punjab

    1994 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Union Minister (Aviation) Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad and President Gurdawara Patna Sahib S. S. Ahluwalia

    2000 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with S. Raghbir Singh Transport Minister Punjab

    2000 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Master Mohan Lal Education Minister Pb.

    2001 - Mrs. N.K. Arora lighting the lamp with Mr. N.K. Arora, Chief Secy Pb.

    2003 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with S. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, Union Minister

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with S. Navjot Singh Sidhu, M.P.

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha and S Ramneek Singh Kalra honouring Dr. Iqbal Singh, Lt. Gov.- Puducherry 

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with S. Joginder Singh, Director CBI

    2002 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with cricketer Kapil Dev an attempt to promote world class cricket at M.G.N.

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with  Mohammad Azharuddin Member Of Parliament

    2003 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Ex. Montgomerian 'Bhaji' (Harbhajan Singh) cricketer

     S. Jarnail Singh or popularly called ‘General’ by his friends, had a very simple and ordinary childhood. But he was observing & absorbing the environment around him, wondering how he could achieve momentary recognition among his peers. Little things added up and he slowly metamorphosed into a man of vision. Fathers play a great role in nurturing their children & showing them the path to immortality. The road to high edifices begin in humble hearts dwelling in humble abodes. Even before his birth, destiny was paving the path on which he would leave his foot-prints. His father, Bhai Gobind Singh Pasricha opened his first school at Montgomery in 1922, 5 years before he was born. He grew-up in an atmosphere that echoed social service and emancipation of women in our society. His father was his role  model.

    During During all the years when his father was laying brick after brick to the fort of education, he had been watching silently, assimilating not only his actions but also the spirit behind all those endeavours. He was a silent observer when his father opened the first school after partition, the Primary school for girls on the land he got in Old Courts, Jalandhar. S J S Pasricha had been a keen witness to all the developments going on around him. 1953 was an important year in his life as another MGN School for boys was opened in Jalandhar Cantt.,   followed by MGN Khalsa High School Bawa Khel, in 1954 where sports were given primary importance. MGN Educational Trust added another flag to its lapel when the training college for teachers ( now MGN College of Education ) was established in 1955 in Jalandhar and then Guru Nanak College of Education for Women, Kapurthala.

    Our founding fathers wished to open English Medium schools in Punjab where formal education would be knitted around the basic principle and teachings of Sikhism, so that our students are not only academically brilliant but also morally and spiritually rich. Keeping this in view the foundation of moral based education was laid with the establishment of MGNPS , Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar in 1974. The dream of spreading value based education spread and sprouted further as MGN Public School Kapurthala in 1994 & MGN PS, U.E. II, Jalandhar in 2004. In 1979, S J S Pasricha took over the reins of MGNET as the Hony Secy and never looked back. He has been a touch stone to every challenge known to him. He has planted his dreams in every brick, every foundation, every flower and every speck  of  structure called MGN. 

    The success story of the growth and development of MGN institutions speaks volumes of Mr. Pasricha’s involvement with creativity, vision and commitment. It is very difficult and daunting to retain the highest level of performance all the time, but he has retained it because of the spirit behind his style of acceptance of change & innovations, interaction of tradition & modernization. Before he attained one objective, he thought of another milestone that kept him always in ‘ACTION’. He is a firm believer of the theory of KARMA. He believes that nothing worthwhile comes by accident but only by hard work, sincerity, dedication and diligence. He has an eagle-eye to spot talent and he puts it to the best of his use. MGN is not like a family to him, rather it is his family. He is open to all, not only to listen to the problems of the staff, but also to try his best to solve them, as he feels that if one member of his family is  unhappy, the family can’t stay in peace. 

    Mr. Pasricha firmly believes that children are the future of a nation. So their needs and care are of  foremost importance. With his  far-sighted vision, he has helped to establish a Child Rights Unit in MGN Public School, Kapurthala, to safeguard the basic rights of the children and help them grow to their full potential. He promotes Children Welfare Institutions, e.g. Unique Home Jalandhar and Labour School Jalandhar by providing them subsidized education. Since childhood, his father instilled in him the idea of “DUSVANDH” i.e spending 1/10th of one’s income on humanitarian and social services. The income from the educational Institutions, has always been used to expand, beautify and better the infrastructure. Not a single penny has been ever used for personal aggrandizement. Transparency is the basic structure of MGN Ednl Ttrust. Irregularities are not tolerated. Every record is open to inspection.

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha With Gazal Singer - Gulam Ali & Dr. Iqbal Singh, Lt. Gov.- Puducherry 

    Like a jeweller he recognizes the true worth of his Principals & Teachers and then like a perfectionist, he cuts and polishes them so that they startle the world with the brilliance of their achievements. His motivation spurred Principal R S Mehta to win the National Award and bring laurels to MGNPS and MGNET. He sought to serve others and service became his salvation. He becomes a catalyst in motivating others. He realized that his goal is not to achieve personal greatness but to inspire  others to aspire for that goal.

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha With His Holiness - Mr. Rin Poche

    Mr. Pasricha’s personal and professional lives are separate yet interwoven. One can’t think of them as individual entities. He is a complete personality where every single trait leads to the others; but the nucleus of all these qualities lies in one single cliché – the Principles of his father.

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha With Harbhajan Singh Yogi (London), UK

    His father was a strong supporter of Women Emancipation. When we look at girls and women of Pasricha Family, we get the clue on how they feel. The radiance on Mrs M K Pasricha’s face reflects all the respect and regard she has been poured with and the calm spark of her eyes tells the strength that her silent presence has contributed to Mr. J S Pasricha’s ventures. Mr Pasricha has always played each & every role of his life-of a husband, a father, a brother or a grand – parent with same fervour & zeal, following same principles. He never pampered his children and has been a strict disciplinarian. When one of his son’s on being scolded by a teacher, said that either the teacher or he would leave the school, Mr. Pasricha pointedly told his son to leave. He believes that teachers are the architect of  students’ destiny and should be allowed freedom to do the best for their  sake.

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha  with the Chairman of CBSE New Delhi & present Director NIEPA, New Delhi Shri. B.P. Khandelwal

    1984 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Dr. Sangha Chairman C.B.S.E.

     S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Felicitating Mr. Yog Raj Sachdeva, Regional Officer, C.B.S.E. Chandigarh 2002 

    2004 - S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Mr. B.N. Mathur, Secretary General for Council teacher's Education (Extreme Left)





    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with VC GNDU, Dr. S.P. Singh

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with S. Bishan Singh Bedi

    S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha with Mr. Madan Lal

    Mr Pasricha is a great administrator . He instinctively knows about managerial & organising  concepts that are blood streams of an organization. He is an avid listener, who lets others do the talking and gleans the pearls of wisdom from their talk to improvise them to spur others to greater efforts. Despite his busy schedule, he spares time to reach every function where he is invited and every mourning where he is expected. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand to the needy.


    Mr. Pasricha believes in the all round development of a child’s personality. The importance given to sports and moral education testifies itself that he is not interested in giving just academic shells to the society, rather his aim is to fill these shells with energy, spirit and morality  Bhai G S Pasricha memorial Inter school Cricket Tournament organized every year is a grand event where his love for his father and his passion for sports coalesced.  The event runs for more than 10 days, inspiring the sports men from not only Punjab, but also other states like Haryana, U.P. etc. In 2008, a team from Pakistan and Delhi had also played, making this tournament an International event. Bani Divas is celebrated annually in which prayers are offered to the Almighty not by greed-ridden Pathis but  by the innocent, clean minded children. He is not religious in a stereotype & manner but in the real sense.


    Mr. Pasricha is like a sponge – absorbing influences and information. Radio, T.V. and newspapers are eagerly devoured by him. Nothing is inane for his observant eye. Like the proverbial philosopher Stone, he transforms iron into gold. He is often called ‘ The Man With Golden Hands’  because whatever venture he touched, he made a commercial success of it.


    Today the whole world is kind of a global village and Mr Pasricha is not only serving the cause of Punjab but also this global village. He is a man of few words and ‘ A Man of His Word’. He believes in the saying “ Do as I do & not as I say’ His whole aura propogates just one ambition. 


    Basking In The Warmth Of Family Love


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